21/19/6 remade the projects page. Added "This Website" and "TiddlyWikis" to it. Made the tilt of the main div in branch 2 a little less intense for readability. Increased background/text contrast in branch 1 and increased line spacing in essay paragraphs.

21/5/3 added an essay and changed the navigation bar script so it works on pages in subdirectories. Changed log date formatting to yy/mm/dd.

21/5/1 got rid of the projects page for now since there's nothing to put on it right now. Also changed the branch 2 link colors to be more readable. About halfway through an essay.

21/4/30 added breakpoints to all pages. Calling it mobile friendly is a stretch but it's not (as) completely unusable anymore.

21/4/29 renamed "essays" to "writings" so it can hold more kinds of content. Labeled the sections in it.

21/4/18 to around 21/4/25 is being set aside as a "construction" period.
So... site created.