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ArkmsWorld link list - graphics, fonts, music, software, etc.
Muto's link list - technology sites, music and RSS feed recommendations
Peelopaalu link list - unsorted
Kicks Condor - interesting sites
The Belfry WebComics Index
Web Clique Directory
The Reading Project
Tildeverse - list of tilde communities and services

Search Engines


Digital Commons @ RISD - archive for Rhode Island School of Design (recommended search: "zine")


Infomesh - timelines of the web
The Cutting Room Floor - wiki of unused video game content Opinionated Guides - guides to tech, music, philosophy, design, etc.


Directory of Nonhuman Spaces, Events, Websites and Resources
KinHost - The Missing Manual wiki, United Front Bootcamp guide to functioning as plurans, The Plural Movement information
LB-Lee Essays on plurality
House of Chimeras - essays (plurality, nonhumanity)


Low-Tech Magazine - solar-powered website
Current Affairs Magazine - has cool graphics

Social Media

Dreamwidth Primer
Dreamwidth for Tumblrites Masterpost
Dreamwidth Starterpack
Dreamwidth Text Editor Tips
Dreamwidth Journal "Comment Culture" Example
Dreamwidth Icon Table Generator
Active Dreamwidth Icon Communities

About People

desktops - gallery of desktop screenshots
An Agora - "Wiki-like experimental social network"

Personal Wikis
Chameleon's Wiki
WebSeitz Wiki
Andy's Working Notes
Subreddits: Digital Gardens and PKMS, also see Zettelkasten

Codices Vitae

"Codex Vitae"
"Codex Vitae — Strategies, Life Hacks and Bits of Wisdom."
Terrie Schweitzer's Codex Vitae
Greg Clarke's Codex Vitae
Doomhammer's Codex Vitae


Every Noise at Once - scatter map of genres with an example song for each
Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music - highly opinionated but fun to click around a bit
Halley Labs resources
Make Bandcamp playlists
Listen to Wikipedia edits
Boil the Frog - make a playlist transitioning from one Spotify song to another


Diary Wheel
Miku Tap (flashing)
This is Sand
Kongregate - games
Kittens Game - text-based idle game (Kittens Game Wiki)
Peaches the Mouse - sewing pattern, PDF on Google Drive
Taiko Web - unofficial online clone of Taiko no Tatsujin


Tiny Tools Directory - links to small open source tools
Fraidycat feed reader
Vim Cheat Sheet
AprilTag VR Fullbody Tracker
Zine Machine - CSS to make a webpage that prints as a zine

Website Resources

RSS guide for Neocities
Navigation and templates for Neocities
CSS clip-path generator
Shrine community and guides
WebAIM Contrast Checker
HTML Tidy - software to clean up HTML and XML


Button Maker
88x31 Buttons
Petting Gif Generator
Cat Icon Maker
Dither Me This
Convert images to 1 bit - dither with this then convert to 1 bit image type somewhere else
Transparent Textures

Pixel Art FoxFable
Engram Pixel
Catch a Star
The Doll Palace (archive)

Fonts Precoded Webfonts
CoolText (saves as an image)
Pixel Operator (branch 2 font)

Phone, cleaning, catgirl, gothic, hearts