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ArkmsWorld link list - graphics, fonts, music, software, etc.
Muto's link list - technology sites, music and RSS feed recommendations
Peelopaalu link list - unsorted
Kicks Condor - interesting sites


Infomesh - timelines of the web
The Cutting Room Floor - wiki of unused video game content


KinHost - The Missing Manual wiki, United Front Bootcamp guide to functioning as plurans, The Plural Movement information
LB-Lee Essays on plurality
House of Chimeras - essays (plurality, nonhumanity)

Magazines, Websites, Etc.

Low-Tech Magazine - solar-powered website
Current Affairs Magazine - has cool graphics

About People

Personal Wikis
Chameleon's Wiki
WebSeitz Wiki

Codices Vitae

"Codex Vitae"
"Codex Vitae — Strategies, Life Hacks and Bits of Wisdom."
Terrie Schweitzer's Codex Vitae
Greg Clarke's Codex Vitae
Doomhammer's Codex Vitae


Every Noise at Once - scatter map of genres with an example song for each
Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music - highly opinionated but fun to click around a bit
Halley Labs resources
Make Bandcamp playlists
Listen to Wikipedia edits
Boil the Frog - make a playlist transitioning from one Spotify song to another


Diary Wheel
Miku Tap (flashing)
This is Sand
Kongregate - games
Kittens Game - text-based idle game (Kittens Game Wiki)
Peaches the Mouse - sewing pattern, PDF on Google Drive
Taiko Web - unofficial online clone of Taiko no Tatsujin


Fraidycat feed reader
Vim Cheat Sheet
AprilTag VR Fullbody Tracker

Website Resources

RSS guide for Neocities
Navigation and templates for Neocities
CSS clip-path generator


Button Maker
88x31 Buttons
Petting Gif Generator

Convert images to 1 bit (dithering) - dither with this then convert to 1 bit image type somewhere else

Transparent Textures

Texting, cleaning, catgirl, gothic, hearts