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The log is available for seeing a list of updates, of course. This is a more general description.

Site History

We don't remember how we first became interested in Neocities websites. We had seen sites occasionally before, but we didn't really recognize what Neocities itself was. After looking into it more, we decided to have two "test trial" periods: one to look at as many sites as we could to find guides and designs we liked, and a week to build a site. We didn't lose interest during either of those times, so we kept working on the site.

During the first trial, we made a "Neocities and Old Web" notes list with links to whatever we found, as well as some articles about the history of the internet. That list includes some Neocities sites, these old blog layouts, this homage, the Cameron's World collage, and a gallery of old GUIs.

During the second trial, we made a notes list for the website itself with things we wanted to add. Most things on that list have been moved over to this site on the log or links page.

The navigation and button box is made with the Templatarr sidebar. The RSS Feed is made with this guide. Branch 1's color palette button is based on this JavaScript guide.

Update Logs

This website basically has three update logs. The one on the index is for people who just want to see what new features or pages there are. It gets emptied out occasionally. The log page is permanent and it's mostly for the sake of our memory. The RSS feed is a parallel to the index update list for people who only want to visit the website when there's enough new content to last a while.


Trying to decide on a single kind of design wasn't working out for us, so we split the website up instead.

Branch 1 (currently called the Library) is the dark and "moody" theme. It's the most simplistic branch. The buttons are in greyscale when they're not in focus to make them less distracting. This is where where information archiving and long texts go. Unlike the the second branch where things might be added or hidden based on how we feel about them at the moment, and unlike the third branch where links might die, things in this branch are meant to be more permanent for future reference.

Branch 2 (currently called Computer Club) is the brightly-colored electronic-based theme. It's inspired by old web and glitch visuals. This branch is where stuff about us goes. The idea is that the glitch part of the theme aligns with us being highly variable in our identity. Like a club, working on shared projects and forming a group identity are opt-in things that some of us like to participate in semi-regularly.

Branch 3 (currently called the Phonebook) has light colors and is inspired by the Low-Tech Magazine (hence the low file size images). We put stuff we "collect" in there, like links and interests. Think of the links like the phone numbers and the shrines like the ads. The anime visuals aren't for any specific reason other than being associated with the residents who like this theme. Plus, they're easy to find on Glitter Graphics.


The blog was made because we had things to share or say that didn't really fit on the other pages. We wanted a place to share links to things that were interesting but not our favorites, and we wanted to say things that weren't very informative. The blog is made to be a sort of "neutral ground" for this website. The things associated with being separated into different branches are instead attached to each other in the blog posts. You can probably see the thought process; the Main Topic is parallel to the essays in Writings, the random descriptions under Thoughts of who we are and what we've been up to are like About and Projects, and Things follows the same "if it makes you think about it, grab it" philosophy as our Links page.

Index Page

Redone 21/07/01.

Original index page description A system site for things we'd like to share. There's not much here yet but we're getting there.
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