This log is specifically for large site changes. Updates like typo fixing or adding a new link to the links page don't go here because the profile already makes a list of changed pages and there's nothing to really see in that case. Worthy updates go in the RSS feed. For a general description of the site's development, see its project page.

If there is a large site change and small changes on the same day, a summary of the small changes might be given to make us feel more productive :)

22/07/29 new blog post. Also turned the lists on the links page into actual lists. This log still isn't a real list, though...

22/05/03 marked Obsidian usage obsolete on the projects page and made a new "warning" box in branch 2 to use for obsolete projects.

22/05/02 new blog post.

22/02/27 added Linux Daily Driver to the projects page. Changed branch 2's font.

22/01/30 new blog post. Added some more button links to the button box. Added list styling to the news box on the index page so it won't need so many line breaks.

21/12/26 added The Most [Positive Adjective] Generator to projects.

21/11/27 new shrine and new essay. Added a free page base to projects.

21/11/24 new blog post. Also fixed some typos in past blog posts.

21/11/21 added Obsidian and Trilium notes to the projects page.

21/10/11 redid the about page. It now has its own layout.

21/09/06 finished the color palette button and moved it to the left side of the screen. Added to all Branch 1 pages. Added the new pixel art (daytime city and sun/moon) to the pixel art project page.

21/09/05 more work on the color palette button. Gave Branch 1 a day color palette and made an alternate version of the city banner. Made the index page more adaptable to different screen sizes. (Hopefully) fixed the issue of the content being off-center on mobile.

21/09/04 new essay. Added a day/night button to the essay's page. Increased branch 1 padding. New blog post. Added two more boxes to the music shrine.

21/08/09 new blog post.

21/08/05 redid the music shrine to get rid of embeds and differentiate the page.

21/07/31 replaced the thumbtacks on the index page with pixel art. Made a page for pixel art on the projects page.

21/07/24 made some pixel art to decorate branch 1. Replaced an image on the index page.

21/07/23 made the index page images locally hosted. Adjusted branch 1 colors again.

21/07/22 made a simple blog theme and a blog post. Added formatting for links on the news section of the index page.

21/07/05 added a music page. It may be redone later to be more visually interesting and less embed-heavy. The site's project page was also updated to have more information on each of the branches now that they have names. Placeholders were removed from the shrines page.

21/07/01 redid the index page. The branches now have "unofficial" names.

21/06/30 (re)added link decoration to branch 2. Attempted to make branch 3 compatible with Microsoft Edge but it didn't work out. Gave up on that and uploaded the blog post we've been sitting on instead. Starting to plan for the new index page.

21/06/27 added the shrines page and made a small shrine as a test/example. 4,000 views already!

21/06/26 added a box of buttons to each page. On mobile they should move like the navigation, except at the bottom of the page instead of the top. Added RSS feed to the header of all pages and added a link to it on the front page. Made a description of this website's development and linked it on the projects page. Increased line height in the first and second branches. Altered branch 3's layout and breakpoints, and added graphics. 1,000 updates and 3,000 views, nice!

21/06/25 added an RSS feed and the description at the top of the log. The description might be discarded or rewritten later. Also made a blog post that's linked to in writings.

21/06/20 added a blog. Themed it to look like this branch then decided to just keep it simple for now. Also added a ‹details› tag to the about page just for fun.

21/06/12 remade the projects page. Added "This Website" and "TiddlyWikis" to it. Made the tilt of the main div in branch 2 a little less intense for readability. Increased background/text contrast in branch 1 and increased line spacing in essay paragraphs.

21/05/03 added an essay and changed the navigation bar script so it works on pages in subdirectories. Changed log date formatting to yy/mm/dd.

21/05/01 got rid of the projects page for now since there's nothing to put on it right now. Also changed the branch 2 link colors to be more readable. About halfway through an essay.

21/04/30 added breakpoints to all pages. Calling it mobile friendly is a stretch but it's not (as) completely unusable anymore.

21/04/29 renamed "essays" to "writings" so it can hold more kinds of content. Labeled the sections in it.

21/04/18 to around 21/04/25 is being set aside as a "construction" period.
So... site created.

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