We're a plural system. All of us are alterhuman and some of us are daemians.

We have a couple social media accounts but we don't really use them. The blog on this website is more likely to have content by us.

A non-conclusive list of traits that may or may not apply to at least one of us Electronic, furry, reading-neutral, easily distracted, information-obsessed, squeaky toy ball enthusiast, non-squeaky toy ball enthusiast, pettable, hazardous to touch, drinks too much water, generally confusing, generally confused, somewhat amicable.

For basic plurality information, see this site. This page has more links and references.
You can find information about daemonism here.

Our full collection of glossaries and the like is under "references" on this page.

The Site

The website isn't named after our system name because identity is weird and we have multiple (no pun intended) ways of representing ourselves.

This website is split into three branches, each with a self-contained theme. It's our compromise for what the site should look like based on grouping our personal aesthetics by common traits. What content goes in each branch is partially based on what we associate with that aesthetic or the people who like it and partially just an attempt to balance out each branch.

If you want more information about this site's development, you can read this page.

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