Linux Daily Driver
Daily driver: A primary object one uses for standard tasks.
Daily driver (operating system): The operating system one uses for daily tasks like browsing the internet and checking emails.


We consider our preparation overly-cautious because of how simple the installation process was, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Backing everything up took about 3 days, and installing Fedora took about half an hour or so. We're still glad we took the safe route, though.

We actually let the Windows and storage partitions have extra empty space in them by accident, but the Fedora install has more than enough room and that means the other partitions are still usable if we need them.

Fedora 35

Comes with Gnome as a default desktop environment, but we installed i3(-gaps) as an alternative because we wanted to try some more tinkering with visuals.

As of writing this, we've only been using this operating system for a week so our setup is pretty rough. This should get updated later once we figure out what we want to stick with... here's some of what we have so far: