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Butterflies, room, blue, arrow, clouds
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Weirdcore is an aesthetic themed around nostalgia and liminal spaces. The images are often amateurish, low-quality and out of context. It is associated with unreality, uneasiness, and confusion.

Playlist on Youtube
Cyriak - 7 billion
Graham Kartna - Browser History
Crystal Castles - Telepath
Windows96 - Deep Swim
Jak3 - Finally, I'm Free
Nero's Day at Disneyland - No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments
Sewerslvt - Cyberia Lyr1
Sewerslvt - Squids
Goreshit - Toromi Hearts 2
Cyriak - Kitty City
Only mildly related songs we like
Yakui the Maid - Guilt
1 800 Pain - HURT
siouxxie - masquerade

The music is nice