Pleasant Noises and Pleasant Headaches

Here's a place to put some random music we like.

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Purrli, MyNoise, RainyMood, and TabletopAudio are good for background noise.
Lovestory by Desired is the funky soundtrack to your dream vaporwave mall.
  2. Don' Stop
  3. All I Need
  4. In Love
  6. BROKEN HEART 月野うさぎ
  7. Lose It
  8. I'm So Alone
  9. Never Fall In Love Again
Electric Pawer by 3D63. Furry cyberpunk chiptune. Straight from the source (a GameBoy).
  1. nano.boot
  2. Rise & Strike
  3. Red Pills Club
  4. Crash & Burn
  5. Someday
  6. Pourriture
  7. BattleMech
  8. Cyberia
  9. Blip-Bang
  10. Happy Little Cogs
  11. ESC_CTRL
"DOGWALK" by Creep-P, for when you have to vent some anger via hyperpop.
This "Spookeez" remix by Stardust Tunes is the reason we got the StarCatcher mod.
"Megalovania But Beat 2 Is SSBU Unfounded Revenge And Beat 4 Is Vs Lancer And its all in key" by Icebrigade. It sure is noise!
"Rats" by Chongo, in case you wanted your noise in rodent edition.
Sewerslvt's music in general, for background noise when we're working on things.
...jook 'til i die is our more upbeat background noise.
  1. rio
  2. ...i love u n im scared
  3. Beat the shit out of the person
  4. is there a point (girl u know)
  5. thank god for the rain
  6. pinoy
  7. Obliterate the Shit out of a SEWERSLVT Fan in WALGREENS for the most Obvious reasoning
  8. we (interlude)
  9. never even done
  10. wanna luvvv u
  11. elk grove evaboy remix
  12. im sry
  13. 160 (blue)
  14. Blue 2 (EVABOY THEME)
  15. im Onn one
  16. the death of evaboy (+DJ GAPE)
  17. ...jook 'til i die (+vocaloid fukase and kagamine len)