We still haven't decided on a process for transferring an essay in a text editor to our website. We've been using LibreOffice Writer, exporting the essay as an HTML document, and then stripping all the paragraphs of their formatting so they can be formatted by our CSS when we insert the essay into the page template. The XHTML and XML exports don't seem much cleaner. It's probably better to just paste the plain text and format it manually, but we would have to get used to linking the endnotes ourselves. It feels like formatting it manually would take more time but it probably doesn't.

Branch 1 could still use some tweaking to make it more readable. It's hard to decide what changes to make without overwriting the color palette and formatting for a set that's already known to work. The other branches don't have as many large blocks of text, so there was less thought involved in their palettes. Branch 1 might actually be the least readable of all the branches because of how much text is in it. It should work with reader modes or extensions most on browsers but it's preferable to not depend on that.

This guide recommends tweaking line length, contrast, white space, alignment, font size and font style. The line length is about 91 characters. Contrast is the biggest issue because light on dark text is usually harder to read for longer periods of time. Giving main content a different color and background might help but it might also look odd compared to the rest of the theme.

We decided to go with the complicated answer and make a palette-switching button. The page should appear in night mode by default and the button switches between palettes. That should hopefully make the essays easier to read without sacrificing the first impression of the theme. It needs more work before it's added to all of branch 1 but it was a good learning opportunity. We haven't done much with JavaScript in a long time.

The white space was increased too. Might as well.

On that note, the essay is here with the day/night button in the top right.