Main Topic

The idea for this blog is that each post will have about three sections: a main topic, some random thoughts that may or may not be expanded on later, and some things we've read/watched/whatever lately that we may have some commentary on. Each post starts as an offline draft so we can add things gradually without having to update the site every time.

In that case, the biggest question of how often this blog will be updated (besides the simpler question of "will we forget this blog?" to which the answer is "yes") is whether or not we'll be able to come up with enough to write that we won't write elsewhere instead. Since we don't post on social media often this may not be a large issue but we do often write ideas down offline and never share them. As we get used to sharing things, we may get over the feeling that writing things multiple times is too redundant. For now, it's a miracle that this website has anything on it at all.

This blog will probably focus on personal and possibly identity-related community topics. While we do have a plan for a media/interest page on the main section of the site, we haven't completely made up our minds on whether or not we actually want to have that page.



Section to be renamed, unless we get attached to the alliteration. This one's kind of a dump, consider it "catching up" for the time before this blog was made.